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Chrome Plating

Here's a checklist to make your visit to our chrome plating shop easier, and cost a little less:

1. Talk to us. Call, email, or stop-in at the beginning of your project. If you are making parts, we will offer guidance regarding metal thickness, pre-polishing, finish work and other steps you can perform to produce the best possible results. We will honestly discuss what can and what cannot be done, and offer costs and comparisons for various levels of chrome finish quality. If there are reproduction parts available that we know of, we will discuss them as well.

2. Disassemble your part(s). Have all parts completely disassembled before bringing them to us; all nuts, bolts, brackets, rubber, wiring and the like must be removed.

3. Make a note of what side(s) of your part is visible. Mark what areas of your part are exposed when reassembled; because the polishing step is labor intensive, you can reduce costs by polishing only the exposed sides of the part.

4. Clean your parts! Environmental restrictions have made ALL portions of the plating process more costly. The first step in the plating process is to clean and strip each part to raw metal; if you bring in parts which are covered in dirt, grease and gunk, we will have to charge a hefty price just to clean them up.

5. Make an itemized list. Bring in two copies of a neat, accurate list of your job; we need it, and if we have to draw it up, it's just a little more time we have to charge you for.

6. Pick up your parts. You (and we) have a lot of time and money invested in your finished plated or powder-coated parts -- take good care of your parts, even if your project isn't ready for them yet. Pick up your parts promptly! Plating shops have a wet, acidic environment which is not a great place to store finished work. And while we make every effort to care for your parts, we highly-recommend that you pick up your parts as soon as they are complete.

Save your receipt! It is your guarantee. We handle thousands of parts every week for many customers, and may not be able to remember everyone who comes in -- having your receipt ensures you'll get the service you deserve should there be a problem with your part.

7. Caring for your parts. Keep your parts clean and waxed at all times. Chrome cannot be ignored for a long period of time and then be expected to polish-up to it's original condition again. The "big annual clean-up" will never replace regular cleaning and waxing maintenance. Use only top-quality car wax, and invest in some soft, clean polishing cloths. Rubbing compounds and chrome cleaners should NOT be used. as they contain an abrasive which puts fine scratches in new chrome.

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