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Triple Chrome Plating

Questions to ask a chrome shop:

1. Do you use Copper, Nickel and Chrome in your triple-plated chrome?

Why it matters: To ensure long-lasting chrome parts, we first add one or more layers of copper to the raw (stripped) part. Because copper (Cu) is a non-ferrous material, it adds a layer of protection between the finishing layer and the part. In addition, the layer(s) of copper fill small scratches and pits (buffing between layers results in a smooth final chrome finish). When the copper layers are complete, we then add bright nickel plating followed by the chrome plating.

Not all chrome shops use copper. Many shops use nickel/nickel/chrome or just nickel/chrome (watch out) because it's a cheaper/faster process - that is NOT what we consider to be quality chrome plating. Ask them! (If they can't explain their process to you in plain english, beware…)

2. Do you use Hexavalent Chrome? (Chromates)

Why it matters: Hexavalent chrome has been shown to provide superior corrosion resistance over the lesser trivalent chrome. Not all chrome shops in Los Angeles (or other areas) use hexavalent chromates in their process because they can't (due to EPA regulations).

Okay - so we admit, trivalent chromate is more 'green', and new chrome shops use that. But we've been here a long time (and yes, our shop meets the local regulations for using the good stuff (hexavalent chrome), and Ron will show you the costly receipts to prove it)

Those two questions will tell you plenty about the chrome shop and the quality of their work. Call around, then call us with any questions at (323) 754-4126

- Ron and Bob at Vernes Chrome Plating.



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